Monday, February 22, 2010

Capoeira is rather unique among martial arts, for it is not an art born of war or battle, but rather has its roots in survival in the face of oppression.

It is a martial art for the Slave, not for the warrior.

The warrior has a choice, the Slave has none.
The warrior lives free, the Slave is bonded to society.
The warrior goes where he chooses, the Slave must obtain permits and papers.
The warrior trains all day and works on the battlefield.
The Slave works for most of their waking day and is thus given no time to train.
The warrior is the law, the Slave must obey the law or be punished.
A warrior lives and dies by battle for that is their work.
A Slave lives and dies by work for that is their battle.
A warrior fights for a code, for glory.
A Slave fights to endure, to live, to exist.
A warrior wears his weapons proudly.
A Slave must protect themselves with whatever they can.
A warrior boasts of his power and skill.
A Slave must conceal his skills.
A warrior fights for the love of fighting.
A Slave fights to prevent violence from taking their life.
A warrior seeks battle by being prepared for it.
A Slave seeks to avoid battle by being prepared for it

The warrior is used to keep Slaves in Slavery.
Slaves are used to keep warriors fed and clothed.

Warriors: Capoeira is not for you.
It is only dancing, it is not fit for battle.
It keeps the Slaves fit, it lets them smile.
Warriors are not dancers.
Warriors are not slaves.

And I am no warrior.