Thursday, September 23, 2010

as a wheel
as a mill stone
as a spinning rope
as a top
as a whirlpool

roll over
grind down
twist apart
bounce away
draw in

Friday, September 17, 2010

In the lore of vedic culture stance training plays key roles in the attainment of powers and gifts from the gods. In a nutshell the actor maintains a stance as long as possible.

This is much like taiji, where in some traditions holding the postures for a long duration is a vital part of training.

A combination of postures has proven very useful to me including from the 108 Karanas of Lord Shiva, various postures and positions from Capoeira, various postures and stretches of Yoga, and of course postures from taijiquan.

As for the spirit, it is not distinct from the body in regard to development and perhaps there are changes that do occur, which should not be spoken of, because to speak of something that others have not experienced does no good for anyone. Expectations should be eliminated or the spirit will not develop properly.

In this way mental posture plays a role in this training as well. A person should remain in focus and not wander with their body, or their mind. Instead they should link the two and focus on their whole being, let thought and posture be as one wordless thing.