Wednesday, August 11, 2010

concise set introduction

taiji set names, called the concise set:

  1. Heaven and Earth unite
  2. Moon and Sun sweep sky
  3. Wind brings Thunder
  4. River rides the Mountain
  5. Heaven holds all things
  6. A storm of out the Earth
The pattern is as such, the first four moves are based upon 8 principals, the next two use those same principals, but in new combination, an example of how the principals are put into effect. In addition to this, the concise set has application and weapons aspects and different variations to allow focus on different ways of expressing the movements and methods.

The whole thing is 6 breaths, however it is a mirror form, meaning it is not done once, but twice at least, once on each side, and it cycles so it can be done for an indefinite period of time.

Each of the 6 parts has two parts, which create 12 motions used for training the skills of the set, each of the 6 parts also has specific footwork.

The set is also done slow and fast, slow it takes as long as it takes, fast it takes a few seconds at most. The fast cannot be learned without the slow though.

The concise set is something I made for myself, to allow me to focus on the skills I want.
It does not replace or conflict with any other form or method or systematic patterning, but goes with them well and is based on effective material, so it combines well with any martial art. It is a great way for a hard stylist to get an introduction to the taiji principals and methods, largely because it is concise and easily demonstrated with clear principals.