Monday, May 24, 2010

Parable of Master & Talents (of the students)

A great martial artist went to travel the world and before he left he recorded and demonstrated all he knew for his three pupils.

As he departed he instructed his students:
"practice and study these things until my return"

And so the teacher traveled a great many years, until finally he returned.
He then summoned his students and began to test them.

His first student had not only great skill, having studied the teachings for years he had created a great many innovations upon their foundation.

His second student also had great skill, for he had innovated several subtle distinctions pertaining to the teachings.

His third student also had great skill and presented the teachings of his master perfectly.

The teacher then spoke to his students:

"My first pupil, having studied and practiced the teachings I gave you so many years ago you have taken them and built upon them, not only understanding them, but making them your own. I name you as my successor, for your skill has exceeded my own as is the hope of every good teacher for his students."

And saying this he struck at his first student,
who easily moved out of the way.

"My second pupil, having practiced and studied what I have taught you, you have mastered it well and explored many subtleties upon your own, there is no more I can teach you, I confer to you the title of master instructor. Your skill has come to match my own."

And saying this he struck at his second student,
who neutralized the attack without difficulty.

"My third pupil, though having mastered all I have shown you, not one innovation have you made, not one realization have you employed beyond my teachings."

And saying this he struck at his third student,
who then died instantly.