Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had read several times that press, or ji, is like those little steel ball desk toys where the end balls bounce eachother through all the other balls in between.
And on many levels I understood how the energy of one arm went through the other.
But what I did not realize is how far this transmission of energy from one limb, through another, can actually go.

For some time I have been practicing issuing force into objects of various textures, tones and flexibility. I found that there is a trick to sending energy into things, almost a frequency of strike that determines how the energy will go into, or bounce out of the object.

So recently I found that sharp energies, of the type that will ring steel like a bell, can be transmitted through a limb in a manner like press. Only the proper frequency will work, and there has to be something to transmit into after the limb that conducts. It is not the type of thing one can practice in the air, nor can slow forces capture it, it is truly something else to see.

Normally I can make a hand rail of steel wobble by striking it, but by striking it through one limb, I found that I could issue more force into it than by striking it with one hand alone. This is not the type of thing a heavy bag works well for and I am at a loss for word based explanation of how to learn this.

Whatever the case, the energy of press is amazing, almost incomprehensible even.